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понедељак, 14. септембар 2009.

Engine Oils – Best Buy (Engleska verzija)

Liqui Moly MoS2-Leichtlauf 10W-40
Liqui Moly Touring High Tech 15W-40
Liqui Moly Touring Special (CNG / LPG) 10W-40
Mobil Mobil M 10W-40
ADDINOL Mega Light MV039 0W-30
ADDINOL Super Light MV 0546 5W-40
Eneos Ultra Premium 0W-20
Elf Evolution CRV 0W-30
Fuchs Titan CFE MC 5/10W-40

The list is very short as you can see. I know that many will not agree with me. Honestly even I would not always agree with myself and the three views on this at least once I find some oil that is missing or someone which does not belong here.
The task is really difficult but I dare to declare a personal view on the question of questions: what motor oil is the most worth to buy? The answer is in terms of the wider audience and that is oil, which cover a larger fleet is the more favorable, while like you could see in last two texts, in the case of a concrete situation the car can be (and is) significantly different.
If one market reflects the ideal (in the sense that the price exactly matches the quality) then the motor oil market is, so that it is very, very difficult to find someone who deviates substantially from the rules and makes the "best buy" (and can without the quotes).
In this sense, the above data table is. Note, that almost all of the aforementioned oil is actually very specific. In this and the thing is, the standard could never be on the list, no matter how cheap and with the satisfactory quality or however well for a very high price. Mentioned are actually the ideal candidates for the above table (recommended purchase).
Prices are taken into account are more or less the catalog so many (virtually all) of oil from the list of recommended purchases in the case of discount can be on this list.
Finally, the table only applies to the following company:
Motul, Liqui Moly, Mobil, Selenia, Addinol, Valvoline, Eneos, Elf, Kroon, Castrol and Fuchs.

Note: This is the same text as original (published on the 31st July) but translated by Google Toolbar with some corrections.

Primedba: Ovo je tekst preveden korišćenjem google toolbar-a uz minimalne korekcije autora. Plan o prevodu na engleski bi se odužio na godine a google spašava stvari. Uz, za prevođenje prilično teške konstrukcije, prevod je više nego dobar. Sve pohvale!

Savet: Ukoliko vam treba engleska verzija teksta koristite ovu alatku (Google Toolbar).

Advice: If you want to read (or just get) the texts on English, please use Google Toolbar, since it is very useful tool and has very solid results (translations).

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